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We will not be pigeon-holed into the
Lubavitch/nü-Carlebach/jazz/jam-band/punk genre!

October 2, 2004 - Avi's Party

Private function.
Acoustic performance without Yosef.
Going away party for a friend, held on an indoor/outdoor rooftop on a downtown high-rise.

I don't remember the actual list of songs played, but here is the original setlist:
  1. Eliyahu Hanavi (Moshav Band)
  2. Mi Adir (Evën Sh'siyah - dance mix)
  3. Az Yeran'nu Train (Duke Ellington/King David)
  4. Nafsheinu (Chaim Dovid) we skipped this one
  5. Adon Olam (to the tune of "Heavy Things," by Phish)
  6. Avinu Malkeinu (Alter Rebbe/Phish)
  7. I am a Jew
  8. Lo Yechsar
  9. Return Again (Moshav Band)

We used no amplification. We could barely hear each other play, and as far as we know, only the people sitting really close could hear the vocals. However, we gave the impression of a good performance.
Performance History

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