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We will not be pigeon-holed into the
Lubavitch/nĂ¼-Carlebach/jazz/jam-band/punk genre!

September 4, 2004 - YIWRPMMM

Young Israel of West Rogers Park Monthly Melave Malka
2706 W. Touhy Avenue
$10 donation requested

Set started at 9:30 pm, motzei Shabbos. On time. Ended about 10:05.

Opened for Ruby Harris

  1. Eliyahu Hanavi (Moshav Band)
  2. Az Yeran'nu Train (Duke Ellington/King David)
  3. I am a Jew
  4. Avinu Malkeinu (Alter Rebbe/Phish)
  5. Lo Yechsar (AKA Gotta Save the Cat, No Money. With additional lyrics and arrangement)

Same as the last show plus Matt Kanter, drummer emeritus, on shofar for Avinu Malkeinu

I have no idea why there were so many people at the show, but I think most of them came for us. Probably close to 120 people. About 100 more than our last/first gig at this venue.
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