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We will not be pigeon-holed into the
Lubavitch/nü-Carlebach/jazz/jam-band/punk genre!

February 7, 2004 - debut

Young Israel of West Rogers Park Monthly Melave Malka

Motzei T"U BiShvat.

Opened for the Moshe Skier Band, from Milwaukee. This was their Chicago debut.

This was Farbrengiton's debut gig. Zev booked this gig a few months in advance, before there was a band and before there was a band name.

Zev Goldberg on guitar/vox
Yosef Nathan on guitar/vox
Shneur Nathan on vox
Matt Kanter on drums

  1. I am a Jew
  2. Eliyahu Hanavi (Moshav Band)
  3. Az Yeran'nu Train (Duke Ellington/King David)
  4. Lakel Asher Shavas (Evën Sh'siyah)
  5. Open My Lips
  6. Avinu Malkeinu (Alter Rebbe)
  7. I am a Jew Reprise
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